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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an alternative way to provide relief to your pet. The Companion Therapy Laser is a class IV FDA-approved cold laser, which uses a wavelength of light to stimulate the cells to produce energy and do their job better.

Laser therapy can be applied to wide variety of conditions and ailments, from your every day ache to skin conditions, ear infections, open wounds, trauma, sprain, strain and after surgery.

Roxy is ready for her post-op treatment

Treatment Packages

After the doctor has indicated your pet is a good candidate for laser therapy, you may purchase individual sessions or a 6 treatment package.  Recommended treatment protocols vary based on individual conditions and situations.  The following are some examples:

For acute Otitis (ear inflammation) or a sudden hotspot sometimes as little as one treatment is effective and can supply your pet with immediate relief.

For chronic conditions, such as arthritis:

  • Every other day for one week (M-W-F).
  • Twice the following week (T-Th).
  • Once the following week. 
  • Maintenance treatments should then be done every 3 to 4 weeks, or as needed based on the pet owner’s observations.

For wounds and abrasions:

  • Every day for 3 treatments, then as needed for resolution.

For most dermatological conditions:

  • Every day for 3 treatments, then as needed for resolution.
  • Some major conditions, such as burns, require treatment every other day for 2 weeks, then as needed.

Hayward waiting patiently for his treatment to begin

Expectations of Laser Therapy Treatment

  • Most chronic conditions will show a positive response by the 4th treatment when first starting. All animals are different and the level of success varies.
  • Some pets respond positively to just one treatment.
  • The treated site feels better immediately or within 12 to 24 hours after treatment.
  • Treatment effects are cumulative in nature.
  • Some patients develop a habit of altering their movements to keep from feeling pain.  If you do not see an immediate change, they may be pain free, but need some time to re-adjust their movements.

A CVC Client Testimonial

“When Daisey had to be quiet and inactive after her surgery, her back legs flared with arthritis pain.  When she was ready to get moving, she could not do so comfortably.  The arthritis medication took some of the pain away but she was still in pain at the end of the day.  Since we started the laser treatments, she has improved dramatically.  Her legs have regained range of motion… She is anxious to go on walks and regained her stamina to go the full circle at her favorite park!”


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