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Coburg Veterinary Hospital and House Calls for Pets is a full service veterinary clinic for dogs and cats. 
We are pleased to offer a wide variety of both in-clinic and mobile services for our patients. We enjoy talking to owners about the importance of annual exams and preventative care in an effort to have your pet lead a longer and happier life.


Comprehensive Physical Exam: A full physical evaluating your pets heart, lungs, eyes, teeth and over all general appearance. 

Geriatric Exam: A full physical exam, evaluating your pets heart, lungs, eyes, teeth and looking at overall appearance. We will talk to you about how pets age, what to expect over time, and how we can make sure they are kept comfortable.

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Exam: A full physical where we do a nose to tail exam, talk about the importance of vaccines and what to expect as your pet matures.

Laboratory Services: In-house blood work, In-house urinalysis as well as the ability to send blood and urine to a lab for testing.  
Vaccinations: We offer all routine vaccines you may need for your dog or cat, and perform these services both in-clinic and with our mobile service.

Microchipping: We strongly encourage microchipping and believe should your pet ever be lost it gives you a better chance of having them returned.
Datamars microchips are read internationally.

Health Certificates: Should you ever have to travel and need a health certificate we can provide them for you the same day of your exam.

Treatment of Skin Diseases: We offer a wide variety of prescription foods, medications and shampoos all to aid in the maintenance of pets with skin problems.

Weight Management: We offer prescription weight loss food, and plenty of knowledge to get your pet on the right track.

In-Clinic Pharmacy: We offer heartworm prevention, medicated shampoos, probiotics, NSAIDs, antibiotics as well as many other medications to aid your pet with what ever may be troubling it.

Flea,Tick & Heartworm Prevention: We offer Heartgard, Iverhart, Frontline, Advantage and Comfortis. As well as a few others available through our online pharmacy.

Nutritional Counseling: We offer several veterinary prescription formulas to optimize your pets nutritional requirements for a variety of medical conditions. We also take pride in helping you choose an over the counter diet that is best suited for your pet.

Prescription Diet: We offer Royal Canin Veterinary Diet , Iams Veterinary Formula , Hills Prescription Diet (available through Vetsource)  Purina Veterinary Formula  (available through Vetsource) for skin allergies, urinary problems, kidney issues, gastrointestinal upset and more.

Surgery/Anesthesia: We take pride in utilizing the safest anesthetic protocols for our patients, and monitor their heart, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen that the brain is receiving. Click here to read more about anesthesia and your pet.

Radiology: We offer in-clinic digital radiographs. This allows us to send radiographs to radiologists at the click of a button, and aids us in making a quicker diagnosis, in a non-invasive way.

Electrocardiogram: We offer on site as well as mobile ECGs, allowing us to check the function of your pets heart prior to surgery or as they age. We work with a cardiologist to give us the most accurate and in depth reports for your pet.

Dentistry: Our dental services include cleaning, polish, extractions, barrier sealant and laser therapy. Healthy teeth can lead to a longer life.

Laser therapy: A therapeutic non-medicated way to offer relief to pets with joint pain, or to help in the healing process after a surgery or other ailments such as hot spots, irritated ears, inflamed gums, swollen anal glands and more. We use a class 4 laser from
Companion Laser Therapy.

Sedation: For animals that are stressed/fearful we offer sedation to calm them, so we can complete a full comprehensive exam, or perform services such as shaving.

End-of-Life Care:  We offer this service in-clinic or the comfort of your home, we also offer cremation services through a local company
Rest Assured Pet Cremation.

House calls are available for most services.
Our staff is always available to answer questions about your pet's care.  Please never hesitate to call us at 541-343-8794.

We look forward to meeting you soon and providing services for you and your pet.

Dr. Michele and Staff


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